24th May 2016

90's kid in an 80's office

May 19th 2016 was a very special day for Paul and the rest of the team at Berwins. That day marked 30 years since Paul first started up his own legal company and ‘Berwins’ was born. At Berwins HQ we love a celebration; birthdays, weddings, Fridays – any excuse for a party and a bit of cake! So it’s only natural that the whole month of May has been dedicated to our 30th anniversary and the celebrations have, quite literally, been taking place every day.

Birthdays and anniversaries in general are often a time to reflect and think back on the years gone by and how things have dramatically (or not so dramatically) changed. The age range at Berwins is vast; going from 17 to nearly 70. Many a time I have walked into an office and my older colleagues are practically crying that our 17 year old apprentice has never heard of their favourite childhood programme. Due to this, it’s been a rather amusing month with people reflecting on what they were doing 30 years ago and others relishing in the fact that they weren’t even born!

At the young age of 25 (although sometimes it doesn’t feel that young!), I am “the baby” of the team that I work in; Family. Many times during the working week a reference to an old song, celebrity or television programme will be made and I have to nod my head sweetly and laugh along, when in reality my colleagues might as well be speaking Greek. There are upsides to being “the baby” however, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve heard my colleagues frantically calling my name because their computer is doing something odd or the printer won’t work – baby to the rescue!

As we’ve been reflecting throughout the month of May, I have really enjoyed hearing my older colleagues’ stories of how life in an office was back in 1986 (yes, 1986 really was 30 years ago!). Sat in a meeting with the other members of the Family team I actually found myself shouting “How OLD are you guys?!” - thankfully my team aren’t easily offended - as Stephen started telling me about how he remembers the office having no computers, no email and no internet! It doesn’t even sound like an office to me. I particularly found Carolynn’s blog on the first email at Berwins an interesting read – (http://bit.ly/27R8ahb)

Alongside my role within the Family department, I also work within Marketing. This role relies on the internet and also something that definitely wasn’t around in 1986 – social media. Throughout my time within the Marketing department I have practically had to beg my colleagues to learn how to blog, how to tweet and how to update their LinkedIn profiles. It’s a very strange thought that if it wasn’t for the internet, half of my job at Berwins wouldn’t even exist!

The past celebratory month at Berwins has made me realise that as a 90’s kid, I often only think about how technology and life has changed since my own childhood (anyone else really miss the AOL dial up tone…?) but now I really appreciate how things have changed for the 70’s kids, the 60’s kids and even the 50’s kids!

Written by Kirsty Campbell of Berwins Solicitors.

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