7th Mar 2022

ABOUT: Jo Randall

Jo is a Director in Berwins' Residential Property department - but how did she get to where she is now? Here, Jo reveals a bit more about herself, from her days studying in Europe to her personal fitness journey.

What's your biggest Achievement - professional or personal?

Aside from having two wonderful children, taking control of my health and losing nearly 3 stone in weight last year. I am on track to be my healthiest weight  since 1994! 

Tell us a bit about your Background...

I moved every three years due to my Dad’s work.  I therefore went to 7 different schools in the North.  I wanted to be an eye surgeon growing up but when it came to my degree I saw that Law gave me some time studying in Maastricht in the Netherlands and that was enough for me to change course!  Studying law in Europe as the Berlin Wall was falling was the best thing I have done.  It also gave me the opportunity to travel round Europe extensively and I am still good friends with the lawyers I met there.

What do you like to do Outside of Work?

I am currently studying for a Wellness and Nutrition qualification.  I am a late developer when it comes to fitness and health but finally in my 50’s have got the bug.  I am passionate about educating people in how to live a calm and healthy lifestyle.  I also love education and so am constantly signed up to Philosophy or Psychology courses from various universities.

What about the way you approach your work makes you Unique?

I love striking up excellent relationships with my clients and the surveyors, agents and financial advisors that I work with.  I am a big believer that communication is king.  I like to work with clients as an advisor rather than just buying or selling a house.  If you take time to get to know your client you often realise that they need help in ways they could not see.  I am also a Director and Team Leader for the Residential Department so have all the fun admin roles to take on as well!

Where did you study and what Training & Education do you have?

I studied at Lancaster (and Maastricht) and then York College of Law.  I started my articles at Rollits in Hull where I rose to be a partner.  After a stint in management I came to Berwins 6 years ago and love it.  I can combine management with working with the best of the agents and surveyors in the area and love getting stuck into some of the wonderfully knotty issues of the local property market.

Jo Randall is a Director in our Residential Property team. If you need legal support a residential issue, contact Jo on 07534 021312, or email her at JoRandall@Berwins.co.uk.

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