17th May 2022

ABOUT: Natasha Guest

Natasha is a Senior Associate in our Dispute Resolution team. We had a chat with her to seek answers about the various aspects of her life. Find out how Natasha knew she wanted to work in the law from as early as age 11, and what her unique approach is to her work...

What's your biggest Achievement - professional or personal?

Biggest achievement - good question and probably one we should all reflect on more! Like most, I am especially proud of my degree and career to date, but then there is just getting through life itself too – no matter what it throws at you!

Tell us a bit about your Background...

I was born and raised in Scunthorpe, and whilst it’s always been the butt of many a joke, it was in its day a huge place of industry (I get that its day has long gone!).  The sheer scale of the steel works in comparison with the town itself and what it used to mean to the town made it surprisingly ok to grow up there! 

Sad, I know, but at the age of around 11, mid-argument with a friend they blurted out “You should be a judge” (not the greatest of insults even back then) and the rest is history really, apart from the A level tutor who told me I would never be a lawyer …

The attraction of law has always been the argument for me, not arguing for the sake of it but putting forward a compelling argument to convince your opponent, be they a lawyer on the other side or the friend in the school playground!  As a litigator there is of course the draw of the win too.


What do you like to do Outside of work?

What am I like as a person? Erm, ask my friends although one of them once said they would rather be my friend than my enemy?!  I blame litigation.

Outside of work - both before and now with our son - our free time is mostly spent incorporating food, music, culture and travel.  I hate the word foodie and I am not a Michelin star chaser, but I love food from tasting menus to street food and all the way back again! I once shed a tear over pintxos in San Sebastian if that explains me.

I also love art, modern and especially graffiti and recently dragged the family across Berlin in search of a Blek le Rat, thankfully it paid off!  

Football is also pretty big in our family, attempts to brainwash our son have failed and we currently have a Chelsea supporter, Manchester United supporter and Liverpool supporter in the family.  You can decide my allegiance.



Je suis enfant unique! Is that what the question means?

I love it when a client says, “you are not like other lawyers”.  I pride myself in approaching clients at their level whilst maintaining that professional level they expect.  I don’t want to be like other lawyers as otherwise I am not me and I don’t stand out to my clients.

Biggest case I have worked on? Depends on the measure of biggest – level of Court? Monetary value? Or biggest to the client – they are all different.  As a paralegal I worked on a House of Lords case (no checking when the House of Lords was removed as the most senior court in the country!). 

Biggest value to client though is really important to me and there have been many from the young professional years ago who had to endure several years of litigation to recover a property to an Inheritance Act claim that meant so much to the family that they broke down when we settled at mediation.

I also feel it is important that I try to give back when I can, and I am currently a board member for Explore York Libraries and Archives – the mutual society which runs the libraries and archives across York.  The story of Explore York and Archives is fascinating and too lengthy for here – but seriously check it out!


Training & Education

I am a Sheffield Hallam University graduate and very proud.  My husband is a massive advocate of the ‘university years’ and I completely agree – soaking up knowledge and just being able to learn what you want and question it was amazing.  The nightlife in Sheffield may have also been an influence … trading food for music gigs was always the way forward!  

After Sheffield it was on to York, to the College of Law.  However, that is not why I am in York now – my husband (checks notes – then fiancé) got on the grad’ scheme with a well-known insurer and 4 house moves and a child later and the rest they say is history.


Natasha is a Litigator within our Dispute Resolution department. If you have a dispute looming, call our DR team on 01423 542779.

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