17th Mar 2022

ABOUT: Oliver King

Oliver is a Solicitor in our Corporate team, but who is he outside of his work? We caught up with him to find out about the various areas of his life, from his background to his hobbies, and everything in between. 

What's your biggest Achievement - professional or personal?

Whilst I no longer act on dispute resolution matters, other than on the side in an advisory capacity, many years ago myself (as a newly qualified solicitor) and a very junior barrister succeeded in the High Court on an application against a truly unpleasant person and his team of significantly more qualified barristers and solicitors. I remember the feeling walking out of the hearing after the judge giving the other side a really hard time, and rewarding our client with their costs, and it was indescribable.

In more recent years, I have acted for various close friends on corporate transactional work, and selling their business and sending them very significant sums of money is incredibly gratifying. Other than that, we find creative solutions to interesting problems, which is its own reward.

Tell us a bit about your Background... 

I grew up in the south (don’t judge me) but have lived in York for over 10 years now. I actually fell into law at A-Level when they did not have sufficient people to run the accountancy course. I figured I would try it out as an AS-Level, and here I am 20 years later… I have always enjoyed the corporate transactional work. It’s intense, and often stressful, but very interesting and exciting, and there are real tangible results at the end. 

What do you like to do Outside of Work? 

Chatty is probably an understatement. I like to think I am friendly and approachable, and able to interact with lots of different types of people. I spend as much time as humanly possible with my little boy, who is my reason for everything. Other than that, I am a social animal, and spend a lot of time out and about with friends. I do a fair amount of weight-training and HIIT most days, and like to try and keep in shape, both for my physical and mental health. I also read voraciously and watch more television and play more computer games than is healthy, but balance this with exercise indoors and out.

What about the way you approach your work makes you Unique?

As a lawyer, and as mentioned above, I strive to find creative solutions to interesting problems in my area of law. As a team we go above and beyond to achieve the desired outcomes for our clients, and are progressive in our approach.

As a firm, we were recently involved in a transaction worth around £60m for a major household name.

As an individual, the main difference between myself and other lawyers, and the winner at every “tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t expect” competition, is that I used to work as a circus performer.

I have also been on Tipping Point (no I didn’t win, yes Ben is lovely, no I didn’t get a hug (‘rona spoiled it)).

Where did you study and what Training and Education do you have?

I studied law at university, with no intention of practising as a lawyer – the plan was to be a progressive academic fighting for rights and so on, but reality (and bills) bites and I found a passion for corporate law.

I am a bachelor of laws, with honours, and achieved a distinction at law school. I have now been qualified as a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales for just over 9 years, but have been practising law for nearly 13. With all that practice, I’m now pretty good at it.

If you have a Corporate issue and need a lawyer on your side, call Oliver on 07842 310918.

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