1st Jun 2016

Are We Now Middle Aged?

So, May is over. We have had such a great time enjoying Berwins’ 30th birthday celebrations. For me, these blogs ("30 Blogs for our 30th Birthday) have been the highlight. I hope you've enjoyed getting to know us better. Perhaps we're not be able to boast the butcher or the candlestick maker, but we certainly have the baker (Read Belinda's blog here on her fabulous cakes!).

And, it turns out, the child of the 80s (and 50s, 60s, 70s, 90s…), the relocator, the award winners, the cyclist, the bird rearer, the flexi-dad, the historian, the long-serving and the newly arrived. What a team. What #teamwork to have achieved all this in just one month. What a great way to celebrate all Berwins has achieved in 30 years.

And so, for me to close the series. Can't think of a better way than to stay focused on the people. Our 1986 selves (some of us) and our 2016 celebrations. And as I lock my memories of Top Gun, The Kind of Magic Tour and big hair back in the nostalgia box, what now? Firstly thank you; to everyone who blogged, especially the (Like a) virgin bloggers who didn't know if they could. Demonstrating more of what Berwins is about; try and succeed.

And now onwards; more new Berwinners starters, bringing Berwinners on in their careers, pushing Berwins' geographical and service boundaries. We've got big Berwin-sized plans. The blogs will continue because we're always up to something. Watch out in particular for our fundraising for Shelter and awareness on homelessness.

Back to it.

#noordinarylawyers@30 - and beyond...

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