21st May 2016

Baking for Berwins

Thirty years ago when Berwins first opened its doors I was still a teenager (though only just!) with little to worry about, except enjoying spending my well earned money and going on girlie holidays - come to think of it, not a lot has changed! I’ve always liked variety in my job and because of this I haven’t spent more than 4 years in a job, until I came to Berwins. I’ve been here 9 years now and not a day goes by which is the same as the previous one. I don’t know what my colleagues would say I was best known for, but I can imagine amongst them is car park monitor and cake baker!

Like a lot of children, I started learning to bake by standing on a stool next to my mum in the kitchen, making jam tarts and buns. I don’t think my dad was aware of the number of times cakes had been dropped on the floor, only to be offered to him on his arrival home from work. Wherever I’ve worked I’ve always taken baked goods into the office (mainly to stop my husband consuming the calories!). There are many great bakers in our office, which means that we rarely have a week without some form of cake/sweet treat turning up in our kitchen.

Rather than experiment with new recipes I tend to enjoy making cakes for particular celebrations which lets me use my creative side and when it’s a cake for work, there’s always a touch of "Berwins Green" somewhere on the cake. I’ve used the colour so much that everyone now refers to it as “Berwins Green”. I once even had to explain to my children that it wasn’t actually the official title for the colour!

To celebrate Berwins' 30th birthday, the picture alongside this blog is the cake I created for Paul and the team. Needless to say, 24 hours after the official birthday, it's nearly all gone already!


Written by Belinda Prytherch of Berwins Solicitors.

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