9th Sep 2015

Help - my estate agent's from Mars and my solicitor's from Venus

Every felt like you're banging your head against a brick wall as you bounce from a conversation with your estate agent to one with your solicitor? It's like they don't even speak the same language. Well consider for a moment where they are coming from...your estate agent is a sales person; s/he sees markets and targets and on a personal level is likely to be financially incentivised by achieving a sale and may not be overly fussy about treading on a few toes to get the deal done. That's what the client wants - right? A done deal. Your solicitor sees risk. S/he urges caution and prudence at every step; s/he is motivated by protecting the client, making sure that they are safe from future liabilities, that all risk is managed. On a personal level, any mistakes could cost the solicitor dear in terms of professional indemnity premiums or lender panel exclusion.

What's the answer?

Find bilingual advisers.

Work with good people you trust, remember both approaches are valid and find, if you can, a solicitor and estate agent who have a good working relationship and a respect for the strengths that the other can bring to the process. We work with top independent estate agents and always strive to create productive and functional relationships with all our clients' professional advisers.

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