8th Jan 2016

Kill them with Kindness

Being a litigation solicitor you have to expect and put up with bullish opposition. Those people representing the other side who come in all guns blazing before sitting back and looking at the bigger picture…. How are we going to resolve these issues?

There are not many clients out there who look forward to a long winded, complex legal battle and more often than not the client just wants the whole thing to be over with as quickly as possible at the cheapest cost. Naturally there are people out there whose first reaction is to get on their soapbox and start spouting various sections of the Civil Procedure Rules and some may think that these people make the best litigators. But what happened to common courtesy and politeness? Just because our clients may hate each other it doesn't mean that the solicitors involved have to be rude and obnoxious to each other as well. At the end of the day, as humans, we are more likely to help and cooperate with someone who is nice to us so I tend to try and avoid getting off on the wrong foot with the opposition as usually you will want something from them later down the line.

Being polite and accommodating doesn't mean that your case has any less merit or you don’t know the law and sometimes it may even rile the recipient more than an equally bullish response. I've always enjoyed responding to any sign of road rage with a polite wave, it certainly makes others stop and think about their actions!

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