20th May 2016

No Ordinary Lawyers

No Ordinary Lawyers…….we are very proud of that statement & our motto.

So, what is the definition of ordinary? - Unremarkable, characterless, colourless and pedestrian. Let me reassure you that from where I sit in Reception there is absolutely nothing ordinary at Berwins! In fact, there are a huge number of remarkable, characterful, colourful people here who are anything but pedestrian.

Here at Berwins, it is all about the people ….. everyone has a hidden (or in some cases not so hidden!) talent for something. In the Operations Team alone we have: an accomplished actress, an artistic cake creator, an impressive juggler, a fabulous cook, an amazing girl who can party all night and still keep her heels on (definitely a talent!), a brilliant footballer, an renowned expert on tapas and Rioja, a beautiful fashionista and ……

Having foolishly agreed to blog for today I find I am stuck! Client confidentiality means that I am unable (and unwilling!) to put into print many of the things that make up a day on the Front Desk at Berwins. I then had the bright idea of contrasting a day on Reception to a day (or night) from my previous role as an air hostess. However, no one at Berwins would thank me for that! And then I thought of just telling some of the more amusing aviation happenings…. I very quickly realised that then I would be talking about passengers and/or crew so all those ‘interesting’ accounts went out of the window too.

Thirty years ago I was the Senior Air Stewardess Cabin Crew Training for a scheduled airline. I have always loved the work that I do. The most valuable lesson I have learnt from more than forty years in different service industries is that it really is all about the people. Here at Berwins we have the most fabulous team of people throughout the Company that work together to deliver an extraordinary level of service.

And you never know what lies behind a smile……..

Happy 30th Berwins Birthday and Congratulations to all my extraordinary colleagues.

Written by Issy Henderson of Berwins Solicitors.

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