29th Jun 2020

​The Great Migration - moving from the City to the Countryside

Ask anyone involved in the property market over the past few weeks and they’ll tell you one thing - people are on the move.

No, I’m not talking about day trips to the beach nor plans for a socially distanced pint, I’m talking about a new phenomenon – a great migration which sees people moving home out of the city and in to the countryside.

The title makes it sound as though I am trying to replace the wonderful Sir David Attenborough by becoming the next nature commentator, but rest assured, I’m staying in property.

Why move?

Some of you may have already been there - working ridiculous hours, partying until late with very little sleep and seriously living it up in the city? I know I have although feels like a life time ago; the early noughties in fact, where I along with my then girlfriend, aimed to rise up the career ladder as swiftly as possible and used to network left, right and centre with the endgame being the ability to pack up our compact belongings to vacate premises in the urban jungle and move to the countryside to start a family.

Did it happen? Well, my girlfriend has been my wife now for almost 14 years, we live in a converted church with a field of horses on one side, the nearest shop at least three miles away and oh, did I mention we have two children and a cat now?

We do still love our jobs and against all odds recently, seem to be doing well, but it was a much harder decision in 2004 to eventually up sticks from the glitz of London and eventually Leeds, to settle down in a rural location where there are no street lights, no noise or traffic nor any cocktails worth £10 (or more) a glass. Following the global pandemic we have been facing, our way of thinking has captured the imagination of more than just a city couple wanting to plant roots as one’s geographic location is definitely not much of a factor now assuming you can work from home, but a crowd is.

As such, appears there is incredible interest brewing within our fair cities for singles, couples, families and their dogs to make a move to somewhere quieter and easier to manage social distancing.

What to look for when moving

So combining my legal experience as a property lawyer at Berwins together with my own thought processes and considerations made at the time of our move, over the coming week I will be sharing a series of articles on  what I consider to be some of the key factors to bear in mind before moving from the crowded city to the undulating open air of the countryside.

  1. Financial Considerations – the Housing Market & Cost of Living
  2. Ease of Public Transport, Connectivity & Working from Home
  3. Access to Medical Centres, Hospitals or even Pharmacies
  4. Nearest Schools & Educational Institutions
  5. People, Social Life & all round Entertainment

As well as being an advocate for country life, Khal Shahjahan is a property specialist with almost 20 yeas' legal experience. He specialises in all aspects of residential conveyancing. 

Khal and Berwins' dedicated and property team is here to help. If you've found your dream home or would like to discuss your property needs, please get in touch by calling 01423 509 000 or use our contact form online.

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